I Remember

I Remember

I remember your smile

How it always reached your eyes

And when it didn’t

I could tell you were sad

I remember your hugs

They were warm and nice

Nothing made me happier 

Than your darling embrace

I remember your style

I’ve always been jealous

You always have the best clothes

And know how to rock them

I always wanted to match you

And of course I still do

Because I still love your style

As much as I love you


I miss seeing you every day

I remember the happiness

Only because I don’t feel it anymore

Now that I’m unable to be face to face

Now I begin to think

Isn’t it funny

How we can only feel sad

Because we’ve been happy


I look through my camera roll

And remember the times

Before we got locked inside

Before we had to stay away

They say it’s for our safety

And that I don’t deny

But for some reason I hate them

Even though they are right

If we stay away like we need to

One day I’ll come back to you

For my best friend 

You are all I need to remember

You are all I need to love 

To be happy

Because I remember you