As the seasons change the rain remains, 

Hanging, lingering, despite the pain

It may cause, it feels no strain

The rain just wants to be the rain


When the cherry blossoms explode into life

The birds around begin to take flight 

Like kites they soar to historical heights

For through their flight, birds escape the night


I feel the rain before it appears 

The disruptive sounds cause my fears

For the color of the sky is much too clear

To hide what anger lies in its atmosphere


I know the cherry blossoms better than them

The secrets that lie beneath the hem

Of where its blooms meet the stems 

And where it hides its uncut ends


The anger in the atmosphere, the secrets hiding everywhere

This daring beauty’s not all that it seems 

And your true beauty lives not only in your dreams


The sky may be gray but it used to be blue

The blossoms may bloom, but they were buds once too

You can grow even where it feels there are few

Opportunities to restore the balance you swore you knew. 


For after the blooms fall to the ground,

And the storm subsides releasing its sound,

A new sprout and a rainbow form 

And a new chapter is started in which a balance is found.