The Bittersweet Necessity

The Bittersweet Necessity

the seemingly endless drops of nourishment

climate changed at will

seeping into the ground, to create 

growing ideas and new people

to then water the minds of others

we water the flowers of our peers

acting as a Sun to those around us

some may burn and others may nourish 

and unfortunately, one cannot know until they are dried or thrived

water-filled beings, drinking or refilling


overflowing or drowning, or being content

half full or half empty, never quite being sure what we are

regardless of our stature, we do not stop consuming because we need it to survive

but some consume simply to disadvantage others


a crucial element of our day to day, killing millions and growing nations

a powerful tool we are surrounded by

we water and give our energy, so someone can rise

let’s all rise together.