Raised by Failure

Raised by Failure

I was raised by confusion


Not sure whether I’m going left

Or right

Or up
Or down 

Admitting when I’ve lost direction
“Find your way or you’ll stay stuck”

Stuck and wandering alone


I was raised by failure. 


I was raised by bad decisions 

Burned bridges 

Thoughtless choices
Wishing I could go back in time
Wanting to get back what I’ve lost 

Realizing that 

Time really doesn’t wait for anyone

Accepting the situations I’ve created for myself 

“Learn and move forward”

I’ve heard it a thousand times 


I’ve been taught by failure. 


I was raised by hard training
Practicing when it’s the last thing I want to do
Playing out of tune
Losing auditions 

Wanting to quit 

Enjoying the moments when I can say I’m proud of how I played 

Never forgetting the moments when I wish I could do everything over
“Train hard and try again next year”

Oh, I will 

I am motivated by failure. 


I was raised by hard workers 
A social worker and a lawyer
Two people dedicated to helping others

Themselves struggling through life after long childhoods 

Rough circumstances 

Missed opportunities 

Born in Post-Katrina New Orleans
“We can survive anything”

It’s true 

I was created through failure. 


I was raised by loss
Loss of people 




Ways of life 

Constantly rebuilding myself 

With parts of me gone 

Constantly putting myself back together without the parts I know are missing 

A puzzle full of flaws and mistakes 

“Soon you won’t even remember the person you were”

I don’t know but 

I’ve been elevated through failure. 


I was raised by mistakes
Bad grades
Getting corrected 

Saying the wrong things 

Or the right things at the wrong time 

Being told I wasn’t doing enough 

Maybe because I wasn’t 

“Do better and you won’t feel like people don’t like you”

 I think I have done better 


I was shaped by failure. 


I was raised by setbacks
Taking one step forward 

Falling three steps back 

What’s the point if even trying to succeed 

When you know it just means losing first?

Why do I struggle to get back on my feet? 

“It will all be worth it in the end”
I hope so

I was raised by failure.