I Only Have Words

I Only Have Words

I only have words. 

In a big world where I am considered worthless unless I have useful words to say and my rebellious adjectives and synonyms are unhelpful in addressing a culture of people who don’t listen. 

I only have words 

I hold onto my words.

It’s not my heritage nor my demeanor 

It’s not my straight hair nor my curly locs

Not the many attempts to make my voice heard although I may be the smallest person in the room that makes them think they have power over me that makes them use their words to try to hurt me. 

They think their words are somehow useful?

Within the safe hallways of the High that feed my soul- that educate me? “halfbreed” “wanna be” “ugly” or in a school where being smart is suddenly-stupid-where I am discredited, often – “oh honey maybe you should try something else.” I hold tight to my swag but the unwanted opinions jab at me in a town of opinionated minds – their words stick to me

Sadly, they even believe that if they project their insecurities on me then they justify their actions to tear me down and make me everything they think I am. 

I could use my words to express my dissatisfaction, my disappointment or disapproval- but – that would be as useful as banging a brick wall with a marshmallow.

The safe halls of the High did not educate them

The big world has failed to reveal to them that – you are – what you speak

I only have words 

I hold onto my words

Resilient, revolutionary, vibe-a- Licious, my words I can put in sequence to create colorful pictures that quiet crowds

And speak to people across continents, my words can be put into rhythm to make songs about hope, love, beauty, change- I am no longer the smallest person in the room.

Their words cannot make me powerless- they are useless. 

I only have words at the end of the day.