The Romance I Desire

The Romance I Desire

I grew up watching fairy tales

Fantasizing in great details

Oh, I wonder who will be my prince in armor

I really hope he is a charmer


How I thought to myself 

Looking through the books on my shelf

That I will be a princess 

And one day I will be able to say yes


Yes, to the man of my life

Oh, I will gladly be his wife

It never crossed my mind that I wanted an individual

That was unusual… 


I would be happy with my existence finally!

This is surely my destiny 

I will have lots of kids

Give them cute little bids


Make sure to have a boy and a girl

Because that is what the world

Told me

As I smiled with glee


Never thought I would ponder 

Someone who wasn’t a man, oh the dishonor

I shoved those feelings deep down in my heart

I thought it was the only smart answer


I lied to myself, to my family and friends

Hoping it will all come to an end

Of course I do not like another that is the same sex as me… 

You have to believe me! I agree!


I agree that it’s disgust and gross

That if I get too close 

I would turn into one of them

And I heard they are pretty dumb


I don’t want to upset my family

They wouldn’t accept me, clearly

I need to make these thoughts leave my brain

I feel trapped, I’m in pain


Don’t get too close!

I’ll break your nose

I’ll fight and scream

Shred tears like a stream


I’ll bury this down

So no one in the town

Will know

What I know


The romance I desire

This burning fire 

Oh gosh, I am such a liar

I wish this was all satire


I want the love of my life

To be my wife

Who won’t hurt me like a knife

And our love will last until the afterlife


I am not a liar

And this is not satire

I will set this world on fire

Just to inquire


The romance I desire