Summer Night

Summer Night

I was only a child 

Full of innocent and smiled

At the world around me 

Full of colors and glee

Laying under palm trees

Chilling in the breeze


I was only ten

I didn’t know then

That night would change

And make me feel strange

Her eyes 

Still in my mind


I was alone

Didn’t have a phone

I couldn’t call for help

No one heard my whelps

She wasn’t a stranger 

But put me in danger


I was crying 

Pushing her off and trying

To ran away 

Going into the bay

No one saved me

And I saw her full of glee


I was standing there

Not aware

What was going to happen next

It was so complex

Yet she did it so easily

It wasn’t even recently


It happened years ago

It still hits like a blow

To my mind every night

That doesn’t sit right

They said time heals

But all it reveals 


Is that I am still hurting

While you are out their lurking

In the shadows like a demon

Ready to pounce on women

Not caring about the aftermath

Just unleashing your wrath


I was apart of your family

But didn’t feel like it actually

You were supposed to be my mother

But you didn’t act like one that summer

Days turn into weeks 

You still give me the creeps


That summer night

I put up a fight

I tried my best

As you grabbed onto my chest

Kicking and screaming

As you kept stealing


My childhood

I wish I could

Lock you somewhere

A place you can’t get air

Listening to your last words

And finally shoring like birds